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Guia practica de terapia asistida – book

ACEA Adiestradores ha creado junto con la Fundación Síndrome 5P- una guía de ejercicios prácticos de terapia asistida con animales. El primer volumen consiste en la fisioterapia con perros.


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An animal that can learn – M. Hasbrouck

You could be ambushed by the hidden danger lying in wait for you, that of believing, for example, that because all of your puppy’s litter bark a lot, there is nothing to be done about curing him of this failing. Don’t believe the trite phrases that are trotted out, pronounced in all earnest, by so many people, and especially by those that the great specialists call the ‘Bud-trainers’, the sort who never leave the bar of their local breed clubs.

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