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Coronavirus disease



Dear dog trainers all,  we built this page for sharing updates among every colleagues throughout the world about the current situation in our job sector, dog training, dog competitions and every other business dogwise.

The critical situation we’re living because of the covid-19 pandemic is forcing many countries to adopt restrictive provisions about movements and professional activities.

We ask you to report on our page news about your country and how you are facing the emergency, what are your plans to live these moments and your project to react to the crisis.

Thank you for your collaboration and keep your paws strong!

11 thoughts on “Coronavirus disease

  1. Milan, Italy
    Hello everybody!Here in Italy the governament has stopped the most of the activities and movements. Fortunately our dogs are safe and everyone has so much time to spend with them.
    Keep your paws strong!

  2. Lillehammer, Norway

    Hello guys! Also in Norway the governament has stopped the most of the activities and movements.
    We reached 1042 virus positive people and two deaths.
    The Directorate of Health decided on March 12, 20 that everyone who comes from traveling outside the Nordic countries should quarantine for 14 days, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. Retroactive from 27 February.

    This bad adventure will teach us to be more supportive.

  3. Lund, Sweden

    Hi everybody! Our goverment has not taken as strong measures as other countries. Hope we there will be and change soon!

  4. Hola a todos ! Aqui en Uruguay se han tomado medidas de todo tipo, a pesar de que por ahora el nivel de contaminacion es bajo; en cuanto al tema animal, con “Locos x las Mascotas” TV y Radio, estuvimos el dia de hoy abocados a comunicar que los perros y gatos no contraen el COVID 19, y tampoco son transmisores del mism. Por ahora las actividades oficilaes, ya sea exposiciones, agility, mondoring, adiestramientos, etc. está todo cancelado hasta nuevo aviso. Hasta aqui lo que puedo contarles ! espero que el mundo vuelva a la normalidad pronto ! Desde Montevideo saludos mascoteros ! Face/instagram: locosxlasmascotasOK

  5. Hi. All.
    Pear from China.
    I kind of take two months vacation since the end of January. As you all known, the situation in China was quite bad. Luckily I am not in the center of this mess, but I have 5 cases in next building, 100 meters away from my home.
    The city I live made the highest warning and took some actions like closing restaurants and public activities for a month more. The government strongly suggest us not to go out especially crowded places. So I stayed home nearly two months without working outside, and I only go out to walk my dog twice a day in very early morning and late evening. This way I can avoid people. In the rest of time, I organized an online group for my clients, taught them how to interact with their dogs and how to enrich their dogs at home. I do not really agree on online training, but online lecture works and now people have time to do that. At the same time, I also follow some university’s online courses about animal behavior to improve myself (hope it really works. Lol).
    It is very tough time and situation for all people here, trainers and owners. My instructor from Taiwan had to cancell his training camp which should hold next month, but we all consider that is a right move. Few owners abandoned their dogs and cats because of some irresponsible rumors. Luckily most of owners are smart and strong enough, not to believe those bullshit.
    We are now more relax in China, but I would rather still staying home this month until schools reopen. Not too much experiences to share, just stay home and stay safe. Do the things we can do to help owners who are in bad situation, of course also ourselves.
    Hope everyone will stay safe.
    If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

  6. Hi there! Irene from Spain. Here the state of alert has been decreed in the hole country, so our activity is totally paralyzed. We can’t leave home, just to buy food, go to the bank or walk our dogs.

    Cheer up and patience for everybody!

  7. Hello everybody!
    I am Erietta. I live in Greece. Last days we face a totally new situation for us here in Greece. Everybody in the house. We go outside only doe shopping and walk our dogs.
    I have cancelled by my own or my clients cancelled most of our lessons.
    I send everybody my warmest hugs and wishes to end all this asap

  8. Hi all, I’m Ahmet from London. We don’t have total lockdown and quarantine measures as of today Sunday 15th March. Expectations is there will be drastic measures soon and that’ll obviously paralyse the business. So far despite no lockdowns business is already going down , already had to cancel many bookings for boarding. There is nothing planned for the future just taken things day by day. It was good to read all other comments around the world an eye opener. stay safe all

  9. In England at the moment it looks like people over 70 will be asked to stay in their houses for four months – yes, four months! That’s me. With 4 dogs and sharing my house with someone I’m fortunate. Not good for old people all alone or unwell. No behaviour consultations for me unless distance/online for four months. It may be good to keep us safer and save the resources for the younger people.

  10. În România, everybody îs scared. We have arround 150 cases today, on The rise. “we are behind italy with 3-4 weeks”.
    Theater, sports- closed. Many working from home.
    No circulation restriction yet.
    We only do weekend training în the forest.
    I try to Take my Kids to the forest everyday, yaking advantage to work my dog against chasing dear (she îs a SAR dog) as I noticed she started show întețește again.
    Autocorect may fuck this text up 🙂

  11. Hi everybody, I’m from Piacenza, Emilia Romagna, Italy.
    The situation here is really hard to bear… streets in my neighborhood are empty (thank goodness) but I think the situation in the centre of the city is still underestimated by someone. I have already personally lost two loved ones and it hurts like hell.
    The only hope for me is to continue taking care of my dog and distract myself by doing some training with him AT HOME.
    Waiting to STOP hearing the ambulance sirens, I send you a big, virtual hug.
    We all have some extra: a big passion that allows us to keep breathing.
    With love, Stefania

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