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OneMind Dogs: Making the world a better place, one dog at a time

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DSC_4765We are on a mission to help humans understand their dogs better, and vice versa.

It all started in 2003, when Janita Leinonen’s Border Collie Tekla suddenly lost her hearing. Janita had to come up with a completely new way to communicate with her dog. After carefully studying her dogs’ behavior and responses, she started developing a method that is based on dogs’ natural behavior. When you communicate using your body language in the right way, all dogs across the globe will understand the message.

We teach the OneMind Dogs method to handlers. We don’t need to teach it to dogs; they already know it. Any dog, anywhere in the world, will instantly “speak” OneMind Dogs. It simply makes sense for them.

We run an online service that contains educational dog agility training videos and articles. Dog lovers around the world can train their best friends with the help of our high quality, easy­to­follow materials. We also run agility seminars based on the OneMind Dogs method. Our live events are so popular that we we recently launched an international training program for new agility coaches to better respond to the demand.

We can help you find the magical connection that your dog is waiting for you to discover. We believe you will love it, too!

OneMind Dogs



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