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Often dog trainers are dreamers. But dreamers ready to work hard to realize their dreams.

Maria and Elena Zelaya are two young girls who have realized their dream and created their dogs school in San Salvador


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Our dream called Little Paws started in 2013 when we decided to study Assistance and Therapy Dog Training raining in Madrid, Spain. We are twin sisters who from a very young age felt an unconditional love for the animals, especially for dogs. We didn’t doubt for a second to dedicate our lives to this wonderful career in the place where we were born, El Salvador.

In 2014, we came back to El Salvador to start this new adventure. We train dogs in their own homes where is the main place that they show incorrect behaviour. Our training is based on positive reinforce. This way of training allows the dog to have fun while it’s learning. All this is done at the same time we teach the owners everything they need to understand their dog‘s behaviour and make their communication with their pet better.

Logo Little Paws

That’s our mission as a Dog Training School. There’s still a long road left concerning dog care in El Salvador but step by step many people are working everyday to make dog care and training more important.


Our dream, Little Paws, is now a reality and we work very hard and with love so that more dogs get trained in the company of their owners.

Maria and Elena Zelaya

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