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Tracking for me is…. by Elina Levin

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Tracking for me is quiet morning at fields, far from civilization, intimacy with dogs.

I train dogs for Schutzhund\IPO for 15 years. The miracle of tracking I discovered very soon when my first dogs, American Staffordshire Terriers Boten and Tigress, started to make good results in it.
Our dogs know how to use nose, we need only to ask them to do it according to our rules. It is not important how we teach this. When I train tracking, I try to think and to feel like my dog, then I try to convince my dog that at this moment we together doing the most important mission in the world: follow steps. It works.
Kely Gymor is my best tracking dog. Kely will track with all her heart any time and everywhere.
European Ch
My Schutzhund\IPO dogs:
Amstaff Boten SchH3 (that times wasn’t FH trials in Israel)

Tracking Elina1 (640x480)
GSD Monty Beit Haboxer Mehagiva VPG3, FH1, WUSV2011 (place 50), Israeli Tracking Champion FH1 2011
Amstaff Tigress Gold Brach SchH2 (that times wasn’t FH trials in Israel) 100 points in tracking
Tracking Elina2.png
GSD Kely Gymor VPG3, FH2, IPO FH, Israeli Tracking Champion FH2 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, Worlds FCI IPO FH 2012 (place 10), Worlds FCI IPO FH 2013 (place 9). Worlds FCI IPO FH 2014 (place 5)
GSD Logan Vom Berg Israel – 9 months old puppy

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